Thursday, July 17, 2008

Part of a Team

As many of my readers know, I sell some things now and then on Etsy. What you may not know is that I am a part of some "teams" on Etsy. The teams are made up of people with similar interets in selling. I'm not the most active team member on any of the teams because my work at church keeps me very busy. I wish I had more time to paint and do glass and also more time to help promote my work and my teams. So today I have some extra time at home in front of the computer. (You can check my worship blog - - for more information on why I'm just relaxing around the house today.)

Anyway... the teams I am associated with are:
VAST - Visual Arts Street Team
CGG - Creative Glass Guild of Etsy

and most recently I've linked up with
Design Style Guide

VAST is made up of a lot of painters and other artists who make visual art work. CGG is more than just stained-glass. There are bead makers and all kinds of glass workers with this group. And the Design Style team is working on marketing our handmade products to interior designers.

There are links on my sidebar to each of these groups. I encourage you to check them out. Christmas presents, housewarming gifts, birthday presents and more are all so much more personal when you buy handmade.

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