Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Road to Emmaus

"Just paint it yourself!" (Keep reading to see how you can get a print of this painting.)

The title of this year's Passion Play was "The Road to Emmaus." It's the story of two men traveling from Jerusalem to a town seven miles away called Emmaus on the day of Christ's resurrection. As they are traveling Jesus joins them and the three of them walk to Emmaus.

My Administrative Assistant at church and our Publications Assistant spent a lot of time before our Passion Play looking for just the right graphic to use for advertising and for our program cover. I looked at some of the art sites too.

One of the pictures that we liked was a painting. It was close, but not quite what I wanted. So Donna, my Administrative Assistant said, "Just paint it yourself."

So I took an idea from the painting and then chnged it up to how I wanted it to look. Here's what I ended up with. It is a 9x12 acrylic painting on archival quality canvas.

As the men came to Emmaus it was getting close to time for the evening meal. The painting shows this not only from the setting sun, but from them men almost stepping off the edge of the paintint. They are almost to their destination.
For centuries painters Jesus Christ and then also "saints" were with a halo around them so you could tell who was who. (Or is that who was whom?)
Anyway, I didn't want to paint an actual halo, but you see how the sun light is shining around the head of the man in the middle - who is Jesus.

Julie did a great job turning it into tickets, advertising posters and the cover of the program. (She always does a fantastic job.)
The picture is hanging up in my office.

One of the ladies in the choir told me that I should make prints and sign and number them. Several others said they wanted a print too, so this next week we are going to print some on a nice heavy paper and I will sign and number them.

I may put one of the prints up in my Etsy shop. For our church members and my facebook fans I'm not going to set a price. I am just going to ask for a donation to our music/worship ministry. We'll use the money to go toward fancy new lights or other equipment we might need or want for next year's Passion Play.

Leave me a message on my facebook art page (or see me in choir Wednesday night) if you'd like one of the prints. If you're not already a fan notice the link right over there on the rightof this page and click on it to become a fan. How easy is that?


Rocky Rhoades said...

love your painting, it is very spiritual and easy to pray with

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyndel
Love your Emmaus painting. I'd like to use it for my sermon PowerPoint for this Sunday. How can I go about purchasing display rights?

R Lyndel Littleton said...

Mike, I'm so sorry. Blogger didn't tell me that you had left a comment. I hope you went ahead and used the picture of my painting for your service. I don't even know if you'll get this message, but thank you for offering to purchase display rights!

Anonymous said...

That is Daniel Bonnell's painting!!

Ej Montoya said...

Hello sir! I would like to ask your permission if I can digitally enhance the posted image here in the internet, and use it as a cover for a Youth Encounter Program handbook, to be used by the youth in our diocese. How can I send a formal request? Thanks.