Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Refuge

I started this painting MANY months ago - from what I can tell looking at pictures on my phone it was between a big snow in December or January and the time I planted potatoes. So... maybe February?

Here's how this painting began.

This was my inspiration photo. Yes. That's MY backyard. I know you're jealous. haha
The painting sat like that for a very long time. Then I added the barn.

Later I added the pond and then this week decided the barn needed to be a little cabin in the woods providing shelter from the winter storm.

You can't see them - not very well anyway - in the photo above, but there is a pair of cardinals in the tree.

If you like this painting enough to have it in your own home, you can buy it. It's in my Etsy shop

I asked my friends on FaceBook for name suggestions. There were a lot of wonderful names suggested.
Thanks to everyone that suggested a name. I suppose if you buy it you can call it whatever you want. lol

 Country Cabin?

 Cabin fever.

First snow

 Over the river and through the woods

 I can't think of a name ... but I LOVE it! I would love to live there! "A touch of Haven" ... I don't know ... think of sometime with Haven in it.

 ‎'Peace'. That's what I think when I look at it. Very nice.

 Winter Solace

‎"Winter Haven"

 Cozy in Winter

 Winter Sky

 I like peace too .. Or serenity

 Little House in the Big Woods. LOL!

 ‎"In the Bleak Mid-Winter, frosty winds may blow"?

 Our Winter Rest

 Winter's refuge.


 Doesn't matter to me what you name it.... I LOVE it!!!!

 Quiet and Peaceful--Winter Joy. It is a beautiful picture, Bro Lyndel.

 I like Winter's Refuge listed above. Love the painting! It almost tells a story.

what about "Frozen refuge for a warm soul"?

 ‎"Frosty Morn" Nice picture...

 Winter Oasis

 ‎''Florida Bound''

 Home of Dreams.

 The Shack. Is that taken?:)

taking from Laura Ingalls Wilder... "Little House in the Big Woods"

 Winter's Chill ?

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