Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Abstract Art Evokes Wide Range of Responses

I always enjoy seeing the variety of responses that I get when I post a picture of an abstract painting on Facebook and ask  "what would you name this painting?"

Here is the painting I posted with that question yesterday.

16x20 acrylic and gold leaf on gallery wrapped canvas

Some are very clever or insightful - others, not so much. It's interesting that some are very concrete "elephant" while others are more, well, abstract. Ha!

One person "shared" my painting on her timeline and wrote this.
"Genesis. Because it seems to be the beginning of a beautiful event or series... of paintings. ?
This image leads me to see a sequence of paintings, each one more defined and less subtle than the previous..."Which received these responses.
that's good....
get busy Lyndel
Perspective 1 and then continue on with perspective 2 and so on through series.

What are your thoughts?

Here are some of the other responses.

Asian-Pacific Islands
Golden Elephant.
It reminds me of an aspen tree.
A forest in the winter that someone accidentally spilled gold paint on.
The bigger blob (is blob offensive, none intended) looks kinda like Japan. So I'd go with 金の島 (pronounced kin no shima).
Warming by fire on snowy night
Narnia. Kind of looks like a map from far and a snowy winter land closer
Gold Rush
I see an elephant climbing a tree, and an owl.
Gold Rush
Life is a Puzzle. Only you can connect the pieces
Spirits gathering
Regeneration or renewal
Running Man
It's kangaroos hopping!
I see dogs rejoicing!!! you're opening your eyes from a dream to a warm, glowing room.
Twilight Dawning
What Lies Beneath
The gold in the left looks like an angel. On the right it looks like a horse drawn chariot flying upwards. With all the cloudy white background, I'd call it Highway to Heaven.
Forest of Shadows
Ok I'm weird but I see a happy small elephant on its hind legs facing left smack dab in the center. I also see other small animal faces. I also dream weird so maybe disregard everything I just said lol. It's very pretty!
I saw the same thing! But I have weird dreams too LOL
I did see the face of a snow leopard....
map of countries
 (He's doing tests on us!)
I also saw an elephant on first glance!
"Global Warming"
Golden dawn....
Gilligan's islands--hahahahaha
There I was!!!!
Peeling paint
Golden Globe
Looks like mud splattered on a frosty window pane....just saying!
Silver Lining
The Chase
Snow Echo
On a Rampant Field . . .
There is an elephant there!
'Layers'. The layers of life and wisdom are built by experience and revealed by the scars. The deepest scars reveal the most valuable layers.
The Lost Empire
Heavy metal
'Wall section from abandoned hotel lobby'
My first thoughts were "Chasing Rainbows"
Playing in the snow.
Psalm 46:10
Ok Lyndel, it's got an elephant. 3 confirmations of an elephant sighting. Linda makes 3
Golden Veins.
Global warming
Separation of the Continents
Spirited Away
Gold in the mist ....
Rivers of dreams!
May I turn it on the left end?
Pangea! (that's the science teacher coming out)
Breaks on Marblehead
Evening Splendor
Beauty in Gold
The Dance of the Elephants.
running with elephant in a storm
The World
Wall with torn wallpaper!!
The lady and the fox.
Hidden Treasure
Global glitz.
Snow Covered Golden Forrest.
Gold Rush
Shadowed riches
Pure Animal
Life's a Circus

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