Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Biggest Canvasses

White walls.
I would show you a picture of a white wall, but I don't have one!
When there is so much color and beauty in the world it's a shame that most walls are white or beige. A friend of mine says, "my walls aren't beige, they're doe skin". : ) I don't have the heart to tell her that "doe skin" is a fancy name for boring beige.
Our living room/sun room is a gorgeous green, the master bedroom is colonial blue with a gold stenciled decorative design, the dining room is squash with raised plaster stencil painted gold!, the kitchen is purple, the guest bedroom is blue with varnish stripes and the grandbabies' room is bright yellow! (You can see their room on an earlier post.) I hope these pictures will inspire all of you out there to pull out your paint brushes and work on your biggest canvasses.

Oh! And don't forget the ceiling! Our sun room is 25' x 25'. It took several days to paint the ceiling. People think it is wallpaper when they first see it. The deep purple stripe really sets it off.
Of course even decorated walls need art work. check out the Visual Arts Team Members for great artwork for your BEIGE walls. : )

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