Saturday, March 3, 2007

Calla Lilies

You may have noticed this painting in the photo of my dining room wall (last post). This was my very first oil painting. We had a picture of it to go from. The class was made up of a lot of people doing various things. Three of us painted this picture. I used oils and one lady painted with water color and the other painted with acrylics. I really like the look of oil the best. At least for this painting.

I haven't figured out how to photgraph oil paintings yet. The oil is so shiny that it reflects back any light. I turn the flash off, but even bright room light makes a glare. If anyone knows the best way to photo oils let me know. The best I've done is outside on an overcast day. I'll try that later with this painting.

The background of this painting isn't really black. It is alizarin crimson and veridian green mixed together. When you see it in the light you can see bits of both colors here and there. It makes a very rich background.

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