Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Beautiful Set

I haven't been able to create new art for quite some time. Last summer I changed churches and my new church likes really big Christmas and Easter programs. Here is the beautiful set we made for our Easter Passion Play. I can't take credit for it really. Most of it was designed years ago. But I added a few things and had to help put it together and all of that. Anyway, I suppose it's a pretty good excuse for not spending time in Bear Hollow making new windows or paintings.

I'm really missing painting. I've packed up all of my paints and brushes and have instead been painting walls so I can sell my house and move closer to my new church. I will really miss my creek and mountains here in the holler.

You can find a lot of posts about our Passion Play at if you are interested.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

Lyndel, what a wonderful set for your play!! I pray your Easter is blessed in every way.

I do hope you get to do some painting soon, your Etsy shop is wonderful.

from Jean, a fellow VAST member.