Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Artist Is Born - Johnny

The Family Art Project was last Saturday. I'll be posting pictures of it - a few at a time - over the next week. David Brockman came to take pictures. He - as always - did a great job and I have a bunch to share with you.

I want to begin by telling you about Johnny.

Isn't he cute?

Here's a note from his mother (who painted with him).

We had a great time today. Johnny is so excited about his painting. We had to stop at Sam's on the way back to Kentucky, and Johhny got to talking to a lady in line behind us, and he asked her if she wanted to come see his painting he did. She said yes, and followed us out to the truck. He explained everything to her. She said she would like a really little one of his farm paintings, so this evening, he is painting a little picture to send to her. My in-laws also want a little one for their new sunroom. I think you may have created a little painting monster.
I asked her if she cared if I shared her story about him and she replied.

Please do share the story. He sure has been. His Sunday School teacher came up to me after church and asked if Johnny painted something. He was telling everyone. And this morning he woke up and was describing the painting to all his stuffed animals ( the painting is hanging in his room)


Jean Levert Hood said...

What a great project! Love the little story about Johnny!

heronkate said...

I LOVE this story ! What enthusiasm ! Hope he keeps painting!