Saturday, March 28, 2009

What's In a Name? - A Contest

A little contest from Bear Hollow Creations. YOU could win a prize!
I don't know if paintings have to have names. There are of course the obvious names like "Mona Lisa" named after the person in the painting, or "Stormy Seas" names after the subject.
But what kind of names do you give an abstract painting? One person's feelings and/or reaction to an abstract painting may be totally different from another person. In that case - for instance - an all red painting might be called "Firestorm" by one person and "Little Red Riding Hood's Hood" by someone else.
All that said...
Here's my latest abstract painting. It came about sort of by accident, but I really like how it ended up.

So I'm curious as to what YOU would name this piece if it was up to you. If I choose your name I'll send you one of my new abstract musical ACEOs. Click here for more info on ACEOs.


Jean Levert Hood said...

You're so right, Lyndel, abstracts are harder, and I have enough trouble naming paintings that are not abstract!

Ok, here's mine:

" A Glimpse Into Tomorrow"

Jordanka Yaretz said...

How about " Dancing light "?

I like the colors in the painting.Very nice.

ArtSnark said...

what a fun & richly colored piece: How about Aurora Borealis ?

Melanie said...

I would love to own one of those ACEO's... have admired them since you created them!

Here's my suggestion for a title:

Schar Freeman said...

Aloha Lyndel..A delightful painting! Okay abstracts for me tend to have longer names and yes I am one who believes in names on paintings. I don't think in the thousand+ paintings I have painted that one of them is "Untitled". Comes from my University days and a very special art professor's instruction. "Many paintings are birthed through a title.." so I usually start with a title.

My suggestion is:"ColorConnections"
written as one word.

artbylmr said...

Lyndel, I have been selling a lot of Ham radio stuff lately on ebay so my suggestion is: 'Standing Wave'

marisil said...

This is so alive and vibrant! I can feel its rhythm and movement, so I just want to jump right into your painting and start dancing. I would call it "Jump into Colour".

R Lyndel Littleton said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and wonderful suggestions. I should have started this AFTER my big Easter program at church. I hardly have time to think right now getting things ready for our Passion Play. So... I WILL decide on a name - soon. But not this morning. Gotta go.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lyndel -

How about Kaleidoscope? It is lovely!!

~ Diane Clancy