Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Piano Keys ACEOs

This is my second set of musical/piano keys ACEOs. They are perfect gifts for your piano teacher, piano students or anyone who loves music.
You can see them in my Etsy shop.
If you are new to ACEOs, check out this post.
What to do with an ACEo

The first set was a big hit and I sold all of them in a very short time. You can see them here.
Musical ACEOs

The background on these piano keys ACEOs is many layers of acrylic paint applied with a pallet knife. This gives the paintings a lot of texture and interest. Each was painted on canvapaper then adhered to a playing card for stability. Each is signed on the back and numbered.
Number 1 of 8

I only have the first two listed right now. I'll add more tomorrow. Number 2 of 8

This one, number 6 of 8, was the one Jordanka chose as her prize for winning the What's in a Name? contest here on Bear Hollow Creations blog. Check out Jordanka's blog here
BearHollowCreations Etsy shop

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